Why Create Your Own Course?

The Reasons Are Simple – FREEDOM!

Enjoy the Freedom of Being Your Own Boss!

IT’S YOUR TIME!   Perhaps  you’ve become a Master in your Field of Beauty and want to share your knowledge with others, OR you’re just tired of just posting your skills on Youtube with no feedback or student interaction and have dreamed of creating your very own Training Program, OR you may even have a beauty product you want to DEMO in real time to potential customers,

OR you may want to train your salon or spa staff in an efficient and timely way.

And there are so many more reasons to create your very own STO Course including;


For Master Beauty Professionals – STOP “SHOWING” AND START TEACHING!


If you’ve already been posting ‘How To’s’ and Video Demos to your blog or Youtube channel and have a great following who love what you do,

Now you can monetize your skills by creating Your Very Own STO Course where all your followers can watch and learn from you in an organized, professional Course with all your Step-By-Step Instructions .

PLUS the Great News is you already have created Course Content so putting together your Course with STO will be EASY! 

Create Your Own Branded Program And Turn Your Followers Into Paying Students!

For Salon Or Spa Owners/Managers – Staff Training

Keep Your Staff Up To Date on the Latest Products, Techniques & Company Policies

Don’t waste valuable company time on running your staff through new salon or spa policies or product training.

Now empower your staff with the flexibility to learn new skills and product information online from the comfort of their own homes.  

Creating a SPA or Salon STO COURSE is an excellent way to post company policies for new employees and for

Annual Staff review testing too!

Product Manufacturers

Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small beauty line, now you can DEMO or Launch your Existing or New Products

Showcase & DEMO Your Products

If a  picture is worth a thousand words…what then of a video?  Create an STO Course to showcase and DEMO your Existing or New Products!

Often Beauty Professionals show a discontentment for professional products or feel ‘left in the dark’ not because the products aren’t Fabulous, but because they don’t understand all the proper ‘in’s and out’s ‘ of how to use the products correctly.

Don’t leave the proper instructions on how to use your professional beauty products to chance.

Show your customers and/or Beauty Professionals how to master using your retail or professional line of products


Even more EXCITING  – provide an Opportunity for Beauty Professionals from around the World to

Earn a Certificate from your company showcasing their new skill set!

Issue Training Certificates

Now Issuing Training Certificates Has Never Been Easier!

Beauty Students and Beauty Professionals are constantly looking to upgrade their Existing Career Skills – and Certificate Training is IDEAL!

It doesn’t matter what area of the Beauty Industry you are in, you can offer Students and Professionals alike the training they want and need. 

Here are just a few examples:

– Understanding the Law around opening, running your Salon or Spa, including Employee contracts, lease or building purchasing etc.

 – Understanding what is the proper Insurance for a salon or spa

 – Continuing Educational Credits

 You can even post your existing lectures and then test your Students

Create a Training Program and Issue your Very Own Certificates.  

Assist Students and Beauty Professionals expand their minds and Career Opportunities!

With Your Own Online Course the Possibilities are Endless!

So What Are You Waiting For?