Have Questions About Your Student Account?

Where do I log into my COURSE?

If you have purchased a COURSE  simply click on this link – COURSE LOGIN AREA to access your purchased COURSE.

I am having trouble logging in to access my Course - who do I contact?

If you have purchased a Course and are experiencing issues logging in and accessing your Course, please contact our Customer Service desk during Business Hours for technical assistance:

M-F – 10:00 AM EST – 7:00 PM EST via telephone 1 (844) 998-2663

Or email at info@salontrainingonline.com

Are there any Technical Requirements I need to have in order to access my Course?

Due to the software and LMS platform restrictions we use for COURSES, we highly recommend you access and complete your Course Work via a Desktop, use FireFox web browser and depending on your specific Educator’s Course Content you may also need Adobe and Microsoft Office tools (WORD, excel ETC.).

Not using these recommended devices and Browser can lead to issues properly viewing your Course Work, completing tests/assignments etc.

If you have any other Technical Requirement questions, please contact our Customer Service desk during Business Hours for technical assistance:

M-F – 10:00 AM EST – 7:00 PM EST via telephone 1 (844) 998-2663

Or email at info@salontrainingonline.com

Are professional products, kits or other Course materials included in my COURSE?

All Courses have been designed and created by individual Educators and ‘Included Course Materials’ or ‘Additional Course Materials’ are up to the discretion of each individual Educator and must be posted within their Course Description. 

STO plays no part in the Course Requirements or Courses Materials for any Course posted on STO.

You MUST review the entire COURSE outline for any Course you are interested in.  If you have any questions regarding the content, requirements, outline etc. of any COURSE then you are to contact the Educator PRIOR to Purchasing your COURSE.

I have a question about my Course work, who do I contact?

For any question directly related to your COURSE, COURSE Work or COURSE requirements, please contact your Educator directly.

You should find their contact information on your COURSE Outline or within your LMS.

Where do I see my grades for my course?

All your online student course work can be seen in your LMS Gradebook located in your LMS area.

How do I get a refund for my course purchase?

COURSE Refund policies can vary by COURSE and each individual Educator’s policy.

For COURSE purchase refunds you must review the REFUND POLICY as stated and posted by your STO Educator within their COURSE LISTING.

All STO Educators are required to post their Refund Policy on their Course description so students are fully aware of the Refund Policy of the Educator PRIOR to COURSE purchases.

To receive a Refund you must contact your Educator directly and comply with their refund policy.

Please also note that as all COURSE purchases are made via PAYPAL if you are eligible for a Refund it will be processed via PAYPAL as well. 

We would recommend reviewing PAYPAL’S Refund Policies, process and timeframes on their website – www.paypal.com

If you don’t receive a refund from the Educator in accordance with their posted Refund Policy please contact us at info@salonTrainingOnline.com.

How does the Tutor Service Work?

If you are interested in receiving Tutoring Services you can browse each listing to see which Tutor matches your needs the best.

We recommend reviewing the full details on the Tutor services, where they are located, what they offer, current reviews and ratings, refund policies etc.  and then set up an initial discussion with your Tutor in order that you both are fully informed as to expectations from your services.

Please be advised that all contact, contracts and payments agreed to and collected or sent by Student and Tutors are between those parties. 

Please be advised that Tutors DO NOT work for STO and are completely independent of STO.

STO collects no fees on behalf of Tutor services and therefore assumes no legal responsibility to these agreements and will not be responsible for any refunds or collection of any Tutor based fees.

We recommend discussing in depth all details on any Tutoring services you agree to with the Tutor prior to forwarding any fees or funds.