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We’ve worked hard to keep costs and fees for STO Educators to a minimum so you can go about the business of teaching.

STO Educators pay a small SET UP Fee for the creation of their Exclusive STO COURSE Listing and LMS Platform and then a small percentage rate for each enrolled student who accesses their STO LMS.



STO Course Listing with LMS – $395.00

STO with TAOND NAIL PROGRAM as Course baseline – $595.00

(if you are interested in creating your very own NAIL COURSE using our  TAOND Online program as the base of your program – we do that!  Email us at info@salontrainingonline.com for details.)


Enrollment Fees are based on the length of time your Students need to be enrolled in your Course:

Instead of STO charging you monthly for the hosting of your LMS regardless if you enroll students or not, we have chosen to only charge our Educators a FLAT FEE for each student they actually enroll. 

This FLAT FEE is based on the length of time your students need access to their online program as it covers off the fees for hosting your LMS for each student.

 – Courses that require 6 months Access or less – $125.00 FLAT FEE per student PLUS STRIPE Payment Processing Fees of 2.9% of total Course Cost

 – Courses that require up to 1 year Access – $250.00 FLAT FEE per student PLUS STRIPE Payment Processing Fees of 2.9% of total Course Cost

 – Courses that  require up to 2 years Access – $350.00 FLAT FEE per student PLUS STRIPE Payment Processing Fees of 2.9% of total Course Cost


If your students require an Extension of their LMS Access beyond their permitted time frame it will be calculated at $25.00/month/per student, and we will invoice you via PayPal.


If you have any further questions regarding how FLAT FEES are calculated please feel free to contact us directly at info@salontrainingonline.com


Yes, absolutely!  We realize that a lot of students may be on a budget and would much prefer a payment plan for their Course purchases, and we can let our Educators completely control their Course Payment Plans.

All you need to do is let us know what your payment plan is within your STO Course Application form submission and we will add your Payment Plan information to your STO Course Listing including the timing and amounts of your Payment Plan.

You then must determine the length of your Course Access for your students as set out above in our STO FLAT FEE schedule (6 months, 1 Year or 2 years) and make sure that that amount and the Stripe Payment Processing Fee of 2.9% at least is covered in the first payment by your students since we will be charging you that amount when students initially enroll.

Then once your student is enrolled you can invoice them directly for their other payments via your Stripe account.

For full details on how to set up an invoicing system through your Stripe account click on this link – STRIPE INVOICING

It’s that Easy!

In order to create your own STO Course you must have a valid Stripe Account.

You can click on this link to create your account – STRIPE

Please allow us 7 Business Days to review your submitted course for approval.   We may request additional information or details from you in order to post your Course Listing during our review period.  Once your course has been approved we will notify you directly.

No problem!  We want creating your own STO Course to be as easy as possible and we have several experts on hand to assist you!  Need help turning your words into presentations, uploading specific content to your LMS – we can help you!

Please note that these Additional Services are priced out based on request and project size.  Contact us at info@salontrainingonline.com for details.

Yes, in accordance with our STO Educator’s Terms & Conditions you can cancel your STO Educator’s Account at anytime with 30 days notice to STO in writing to info@salontrainingonline.com.

However – Please note –  if you choose to cancel your STO Educator’s Account you must abide by the  STO Educator’s Terms & Conditions that you agreed to when you signed up.

Along with meeting all the provisions in the STO Educator’s Terms & Conditions for cancelling your STO Educator’s Account, you must provide every one of your students 30 days written notice that you are cancelling your STO account and Course

And By Cancelling your STO Educator’s Account and Course you are responsible for any and all payments collected and received from your students and therefore responsible for any refunds that they may be owed if you cancel your account and Course.

We would also recommend that you advise all of your students to download their students transcripts and/or Certificates before the 30 days are up so that they have a record of their course work.

Once your Exclusive STO Course Listing and STO LMS have been set up your Set Up Fees are no longer refundable.  You can request a refund of your Set Up fees before we issue your Welcome and Approval email (generally within 7 days of your Application form submission).

If a student requests a Refund of their Course fees from you and it complies with your posted Refund Policy we will refund you the FLAT FEE Enrollment that was charged for that student.

These refund fees will be issued through and to your Stripe Account.