Create Your Own Course With TAOND’S MASTER PROGRAM


Perhaps you’ve always wanted to Teach fellow Nail Professionals and are interested in creating your very own Online Nail Course,

But rather than focus on the BASICS, prefer to concentrate on helping students perfect their

Practical Application Skills at an ADVANCED LEVEL.

OR  You live in an AREA OF THE WORLD where you can’t teach BASICS due to Licensing REQUIREMENTS, but are allowed to Teach Licensed Nail Professionals ADVANCED SKILLS.

OR  Your School currently doesn’t offer a MASTERS Level Program but would like to.

BRAND NEW – We’re offering Educator & Schools who would love to create their own Online Advanced Skill Level Nail Course to use our Internationally renowned TAOND MASTERS PROGRAM as the baseline of their own Courses.

Now you don’t have to worry about creating all your student’s theory, tests or assignments – we’ve done all that for you! 

You can focus solely on creating Practical Requirements and Skills testing for those who are interested in learning at a Master’s Level


*PLEASE NOTE the TAOND Masters Program is designed only to provide a higher learning level for Experienced or Working Nail Professionals and is not meant to be a Basic Program for those students interested in gaining licensing.  If you will be offering your Course to students for professional training and licensing purposes and they live in an area of the world that requires state or provincial licensing, then we highly recommend that you confirm PRIOR to creating your Course that Online Training is accepted in that area of the world that you offer your Course, in order to meet those legal licensing requirements.  Not doing so could be misleading to your students who are looking for programs that will get them licensed.

You Can CLICK HERE To Confirm The Licensing Requirements For Your Area Of The World.



Simply complete our  COURSE APPLICATION FORM

Once we approve your application we’ll create your Course in the STO LMS (Learning Management System) already set up with All 8 of our TAOND MASTER’S PROGRAM THEORETICAL COMPONENTS:

    TAOND CMNP  – Component 1“Becoming a Certified Master Nail Professional & Creating Your I.B.”

In this component we delve into the world and role of a CMNP.  We get students focusing on the most introspective areas of their current career, determining the direction they want to take their career by creating their very own Individualized I.B.!

    TAOND CMNP – Component 2“Back To The Basics”

We discuss Advanced Decontamination Protocols, defining and using proper vocabulary and terms, teaching students how to research, and taking a look at Tips VS. Forms.

    TAOND CMNP Component 3 – “It’s All About Your Client”

In this Component we discuss and get students creating the ‘perfect’ client assessment form, why this incredibly important factor in professional nail services is not frequently performed and why it needs to be, the exact questions a proper form requires in order to ensure a CMNP is providing the exact right service for each individual client, why an assessment & consultation is vital to one’s success as a CMNP, how the right assessment & consultation will set CMNPs apart from competition.

    TAOND CMNP Component 4 – “A CMNP Service is an Individualized Service”

In this component we require students to create their Service list of Individualized Client Services, creating one of Today’s most popular services – the ‘Natural Nail Recovery program’, and we’ll be discussing proper nail prep and mastering  gel polish applications.

    TAOND CMNP Component 5 – “Guaranteeing Your Work as an CMNP”

In this component we discuss Service Breakdown & Guaranteeing one’s work.

    TAOND CMNP Component 6 – “What Are You Using?”

In this component we discuss the professional products in today’s nail market, chemical compositions, get students researching products and updating the list of products they are using and why they should, what homecare retail works and why, and how best to determine what products will be suit a CMNP’s individual clients.

    TAOND CMNP Component 7 – “It’s All About You!”

In this Exciting Component we tie together all the threads of the previous Program Components to teach students how to set themselves apart as a CMNP, creating a professional portfolio, creating a signature look, creating a professional watermark and finally discussing Today’s Nail Trends.

    TAOND CMNP Component 8 – “It’s All Business”

In this final program Component we discuss the ‘Business’ Of Nails, how to open a salon/spa/mobile business or if students already own their own business – how to improve revenue, create the ‘perfect’ space, and so much more!


All 8 Program Components will have our pre-set Presentations, Print Out Materials, Tests and AssignmentsOur TAOND MASTERS PROGRAM baseline is just like having an Online Textbook built in to your Course.


MAKE IT YOUR OWN – Then you make it your own by adding any of your own Additional Content (How To videos, articles, links, forms and more) if you choose.  

SET THE PRACTICAL REQUIREMENTS – You set and determine the Practical Skills you feel would be benefit your students in order to that they Achieve A Master’s Level of Skill.

You will also determine the length and requirements of your course, and whether you’ll teach completely online or have your students do their Theory Online and then come to you for in-class instruction.

BTW by having your students complete all their theory online it’s the Perfect way to cut down on the number of hours students spend completing their theory then they come to you fully prepared to start in-class practicals.

You manage every aspect of your Course from the grading to providing detailed assistance and feedback.

It’s completely your Branded Course, but the theory is already there!

It’s That Easy!



We’ve designed this training option to be as affordable as possible for Educators & Schools to get started creating their very own MASTERS Program.

You pay your TAOND MASTERS Program Baseline LMS SET UP FEE of $1,495.00.*

And then the same LMS Monthly Hosting Fee structure as any of our other Courses. 

Monthly LMS Hosting Fees

After your Course Application has been Approved you will automatically be enrolled in our PayPal Recurring LMS Hosting Subscription at our Baseline Enrollment Hosting Plan of $295.00/month.* 

Within our Baseline Plan you can host up to 49 students in a 30 day period.

As soon as you host more than 49 students a month you will automatically be upgraded to the next TIER in our Plans (See below).

Number of enrolled students – 49 or less per month – $ 295.00

Number of enrolled students – 50 – 100 per month – $ 495.00

Number of enrolled students – 101-150 per month – $ 595.00

Number of enrolled students – 151 or more per month – Contact us for pricing

If you have any further questions regarding how Monthly LMS Hosting  FEES are calculated or getting started in creating your own Course, please feel free to contact us directly at