SalonTrainingOnline was created to Connect Beauty Masters with Beauty Students through an

Innovative & Exceptional Training Platform Experience!

To Learn, Teach and Explore

From inspiring famous Poet Maya Angelou:

When you learn, teach. When you get, give.

Nothing can be more fulfilling than playing just a small part in the Education of a Student of Beauty! 

Passing on skills and knowledge from teacher to student is a Career Driven Passion.

                  We’ve created to provide a training platform for Beauty Professionals BY Beauty Professionals.

Based on the concept from Jennifer McKittrick, the Creator of The Academy Of Nail Design – the Very First, Internationally Accredited, Award Winning Online Nail Program – which continues to set the  ‘Gold Standard’ in online training for the past 18 years,

Comes a Brand New Opportunity for both Masters of Beauty and Students of Beauty!

I learned long ago that students and working professionals in the Beauty Industry are always on the look out for Fabulous Professional Training, whether it was basic skills training or advanced professional designation programs; designed to further their current skills and earning power.

Students want training that meets their personal needs in terms of both cost and convenience, which is why I created TAOND’s Incredible Online Nail Training Programs over 18 years ago. 

Students in today’s industry are busy, and family or job obligations don’t always allow for them to enroll in full time classes

so we created a way to bring the classroom to them.

And now I want to take what I have learned over the past 2 decades and share this knowledge with other Masters in the Beauty Industry to assist them with the same goal – to create Incredible Training Opportunities for Students from around the world in every facet of the Beauty World. 

I look forward to having you join us on STO whether you are a Student or an Educator!

– Jennifer McKittrick

STO has created an extraordinary platform which allows for Masters in the Beauty Industry from all over the world to become their Own Bosses, and Take control of their work schedule by creating their very own online or online/in-class combo Training programs!

And for Students of Beauty to increase their earning  revenue, by enrolling in Beauty related training programs taught by

‘Masters of their Craft’.

We’ve made acquiring new skills in the beauty industry accessible to students globally by allowing them to enroll in online, in-class

(or a combination of both) Beauty Programs.

Benefits for Students:

– Control Your Training Schedule by Accessing Convenient and Cost Effective Online Courses

 – Increase Your Earning Power by enrolling in New & Current Applied Skills Building,        

 Business Skills Building, Certificate Courses, Professional Designation Programs

 – Connect with a Tutor or Mentor

 – Find the Latest & Greatest Professional Products and Shopping Venues

                                                                   – And More!

Now as a Student of Beauty you can enjoy the convenience of taking control of your Professional Training by choosing your Program, taught by the educator of your choice on a schedule that is flexible and meets your needs.

Benefits For Educators:

One of our main goals is to also provide an Opportunity for Educators, Tutors and Mentors in the beauty Industry to become their own bosses by providing training to Beauty Students from around the Globe!

– Create your Very Own Online or Online/In-class combination programs

– Offer Certificate Courses

 – Demo the ‘Latest & Greatest’ Products For Students

 – Become a Tutor or Mentor

– And More!

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